Weekly Film Academy

After School Filmmaking Classes

Teenagers learn filmmaking with the camera at The Film Academy Edinburgh

Filmmaking is exciting and fun, and students at the Weekly Film Academy gain skills which can be applied to all walks of their life, not just in making films.

Our team of film industry professionals will encourage students to explore their creativity, build their confidence, work collaboratively and develop new skills such as planning and organising.

Each term varies in content; over a period of weeks you could be performing on camera as an actor, or learning camera crew skills, or scriptwriting from idea to final draft, or editing, on Final Cut Pro using the latest iMacs.

In keeping with the collaborative nature of filmmaking, all students participate in all workshops, not just their preferred choice, giving them a wide and complete knowledge base, and they will be making a variety of films throughout the year.

Behind the Scenes at The Film Academy Edinburgh

Here's just how much fun we have at The Film Academy Edinburgh. Filmmaking is hard work, but hugely rewarding. Join us in our after school film academy classes on Fridays from September: https://www.filmacademyedinburgh.com/weekly-filmmaking-classes/

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Early Bird Price

Reserve a space now with a £40 deposit before the 30 August and get the first years annual membership for £72 per month (9 months), subject to the Terms & Conditions.

Cost of the Film Academy year

The cost of membership is spread over The Film Academy year (9 Months).
Membership is £88 per month, to be paid monthly in advance by subscription, subject to the Terms & Conditions.

Any deposit paid will be deducted from your first month’s membership fees.

When enrolling after the 7 September 2018, new students start at The Film Academy on the first Friday of the following month (when the subscription starts).

A minimum membership of 2 months applies.

What You Get

  • Experienced film industry professionals.
  • Acting-for-camera, scriptwriting, production skills and post production editing (content varies weekly).
  • Use of professional grade camera production equipment.
  • The latest iMacs with Final Cut Pro X editing software.
  • Industry standard workshop spaces and studios.
  • Bi-annual screenings of students’ work.
  • A regular once a month film club (from 2019).
  • Entry of students’ work into film festivals at home and internationally.
  • An ongoing record of progress in filmmaking training.


The Film Academy Edinburgh has hired and will run all workshops in the professionally equipped spaces in the Cre:8 building of Edinburgh College’s Milton Road campus.


The weekly term time Film Academy will start on Friday 7 September 2018 at 4:30pm, and run for 14 weeks until Friday 14 December 2018 with a break for the October week holiday.

Term 2 runs for 11 weeks from 18 January 2019 to 5 April 2019, breaking for mid term.

An Easter 5-day film school will run during the Easter holidays.

Term 3 runs for 9 weeks from 26 April 2019 to 14 June 2019.

Each session lasts two hours and is held after school, with separate workshops for ages 9-12 and 13-18.

Numbers are limited to a maximum of 15 in each age group.

Weekly Film Academy: Course overview

Kids make films at The Film Academy!Our aim is to develop young, creative minds, giving them independence and confidence to problem solve, and to work effectively and productively with others using the magic and excitement of filmmaking.

It is the ultimate team activity, and students work collaboratively in a creative environment with a strong emphasis on gaining hands-on experience, progressively developing their skills to produce a body of work each year.

Finished films will be screened for students and parents twice per year – before Christmas and at a special screening at the end of the Summer term in June.