The Virtual Weekly Academy

Launched during the 2020 covid19 crisis

2021 Virtual Film Academy

2020 Virtual Film Academy

July Virtual Summer School 2020 Showcase


Wednesday Friday

Introduction to the Virtual Film Academy

Downloading the Zoom app & setting cookie preferences

Go to

To download the app once you’re at this Zoom page . . .
> under resources on the top right of the web page, click on “Download Zoom client”
> then click the button ”Zoom Client for meetings”

Follow the on screen instructions of your computer/advice to download and install the app.

OK, now, let’s set your cookie preferences so your data is not sold . . .

Sign in
Open the app > cog in upper right corner
> click on “View more settings” at the bottom (this opens the Zoom web page)

> scroll down right to the bottom >click on “Privacy and legal policies”

> On next page scroll right to the bottom again >click on “Cookie preferences”

A pop up window appears “About cookies on this site”

> Click and hold the slider on the left and push all the way to the top

> submit preferences

All done!