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Each term the students make a collection of their own films, from small scale ‘flash films’ to fully developed award-winning short films.

Your support would ensure the students can imagine and create their films without limits.

The money will go towards the latest production equipment and technology, finding the best locations for their films, paying industry professionals to pass on their expertise and passion to our students and help guarantee the future of The Film Academy Edinburgh. 

See some of our previous films over on our Cinema Page.

It has been a difficult time for everyone, and we know the impact it has had on our young people. The film industry has struggled and so has The Film Academy, but despite it all our students still created successful films during lockdown – some of which went on to win youth film festival awards. We couldn’t be prouder of them. See more about our Virtual Film Academy, launched during the covid19 crisis.


Your support could spark the beginnings of a career within the film industry, giving young people the starting block they need.

Our team are incredibly passionate about ensuring The Film Academy Edinburgh continues and we thank you so much for any contributions made.