“Everything I learned I learned from the movies”

Audrey Hepburn

An important part of learning about filmmaking is to watch films.

The Film Academy Edinburgh will hold a once-a-month film screening of movies that will show you great, well written stories, stunning photography and ingenious editing, best appreciated on the big screen.

These films may not necessarily be ones you have heard of, but they will entertain and inform you in what great cinema can be, and what you can strive to achieve for yourself. The film to be screened will be announced nearer the screening dates.

For films which are a 12 or 12A certificate, we will contact parents of younger students in advance over the film’s content, for whether the younger student can attend or not. On occasion a 15 certificate film will be screened and our younger group will not be permitted to attend.

Screenings take place in the auditorium of Edinburgh College on Milton Road East.

The Film Club is FREE to all current students. For a limited time each student can bring one guest. If guests wish to make a donation at the end this will be gratefully received.

The option to bring a guest may change as the Academy grows as there is a finite number of seats.

Obviously the dates and times are not going to suit everyone all the time. The day/dates have been chosen by availability of the auditorium and results of our survey. It is hoped though that even if all the dates are not suitable all students will be able to attend some.