About Us

Unique in its format, The Film Academy Edinburgh is a filmmaking school aimed at boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 18.

Launched in 2018 and run in the professionally equipped spaces of Edinburgh College on Milton Road, it is the brainchild of Scottish filmmaker, Graham Kitchener. Combining his passions for film with his love of teaching children the creative arts, The Film Academy Edinburgh has been developed as a valuable and enriching after school activity for all.

Skills learned at the Film Academy can be applied to all walks of life, with the collaborative nature and steady progression of learning setting up young people with a strong base for the future.

Students are encouraged to explore their creativity, build their confidence, work collaboratively and develop new skills such as planning and organising in a series of workshops on making movies, through an interactive and hands on approach.

The Film Academy workshops are delivered in two formats: Weekly term time after-school classes, and School Holiday Programmes. All films made are screened at the end of each term, with a number going on to be entered into youth film festivals worldwide.

Led by experienced film industry professionals, students have the opportunity to learn all aspects of the art and magic of filmmaking. Click here to meet The Film Academy Team!

Enter the world of Film and discover the Magic of Movie Making!