Virtual Summer Film School 2020

Summer School dates are 3rd to 7th August

August Virtual Summer School 2020 Showcase

We run separate classes for ages 9 – 12 and 13 – 18.

Summer camps are 5 days in duration and each day will start around 9:30, and run until mid to late afternoon.

Numbers are limited to a maximum of 15 in each age group.

The Week’s Schedule

Summer School 2020 at The Film Academy will be an exciting, cutting edge virtual experience, with a number of immersive masterclasses in Acting, Screenwriting, Animation, Foley and filming remotely with your own smart device. Using a pre-written script you will use all the skills learned to create a short film by the end of the week.


A full day with us, breaking for lunch, when you will experience all the masterclasses. Each class is approximately 1 hour long.


The morning is spent on specialising on your choices, then during the afternoon you will have a task assigned to create and transfer before the end of the day. No pressure!


Day 1 of production – No time to waste! Now we start to create the short film, all shot by you remotely. You’ll work with us in the morning and the afternoon will be production time.


Day 2 of production – You’ve got to wrap the film today! Again, you’ll work with us in the morning and the afternoon will be production time.


A fun packed day with a big mix of things going on, such as film quizzes, a special guest and the online screening of your short film! Well done, you’re a filmmaker!


The online summer school will require internet access and preferably a laptop or desktop computer for the best experience, but a tablet will also be OK.

The online summer school will require students to work remotely, filming using their own devices and transferring their work to us every day using specified platforms. Thus all students will require internet access and suitable equipment.


Students will interact with The Film Academy staff throughout the week using the Zoom platform and live streaming platform TwoSeven, and in addition will create work remotely on a number of afternoons.

Summer Film School: Course Overview

Kids make films at our summer Film School!

An exciting and fun 5-day virtual filmmaking adventure, where young people will learn some of the tricks of Hollywood and how to make their own short films, online videos and experience the challenge and fun of making movie magic!

With workshops in acting skills, scriptwriting, animation, foley and using mobile devices to film, the week gradually builds to making a short film through the online experience, and students work will be screened at a live streaming event at the end of the last day.

Guided by experienced film industry professionals, students will be encouraged to explore their creativity, build their confidence, work collaboratively and develop new skills such as planning and organising.

The skills learned through making a film apply to all walks of life, and provide young people with a strong base for the future.

A special screening of the students’ film will be held at the end of the course on the Friday, with parents invited to attend, which is likely to be screened online. All students will receive a certificate of course completion and a digital download link of their work.